Evangelicalism has always been an eclectic movement, picking and choosing what helps to advance the gospel, with the lodestar of scripture as the ultimate authority for doctrine and practice. In recent years, some evangelicals have begun to look to other traditions, not simply to inform their worship, but as alternate sources of authority.

Evangelicals Adrift cover

Evangelicals Adrift examines some of the evidence put forth for a connection between the early church and the sacramental churches of today.

  • How were the early churches led?
  • Is there such a distinction between clergy and laity in the New Testament?
  • Did the Church give us the Canon of Scripture?
  • Is the Church required for salvation?
  • Can rites and rituals really effect what they symbolize?

When the Church is placed as the conduit of grace between the believer and God, this is the essence of the sacramental principle. Many converts accept Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox claims of continuity with the earliest church, without a more thorough investigation into the history of how the church developed. A closer look into the evidence tells a very different story.This book argues for a careful analysis of exactly what evangelicals give up when they allow other sources of authority alongside scripture, and for a reengagement with the Bible as the sole ground of authority for the Christian life.

What others have said:

“Religious conversion among Catholics and Protestants has generated a deluge of whitewater on the Tiber River. Some enjoy the thrill. Others drown. In the face of this tumult, Matt Ferris has written Evangelicals Adrift as a life preserver. Anyone considering conversion to Rome will find in these pages questions and arguments worth consideration.”
– Chris Castaldo, PhD. Lead Pastor, New Covenant Church, Naperville, Illinois. Author, Talking with Catholics about the Gospel.

“Matt Ferris has done us a great service with this hard-hitting and courageous book. Alarmed by the trend of evangelicals leaving their faith for the sacramentalism of Roman Catholicism or Orthodoxy, Matt carefully and passionately lays out the key differences between these two approaches to God and to religious knowledge. May Evangelicals Adrift spark renewed conversation, reflection, prayer, and – most of all – Bible reading.”
– Stan Guthrie, author, God’s Story in 66 Verses: Understand the Entire Bible by Focusing on Just One Verse in Each Book and All That Jesus Asks: How His Questions Can Teach and Transform Us.